The Eden Dora Trust for children with Encephalitis was formed specifically to offer support to children and their families affected by Encephalitis and childhood Acquired Brain Injuries through support, information, education and research.

We support children in hospital with Encephalitis and families after hospital discharge, advice on re-integration to school, different forms of rehabilitation, along with working on an Acquired Brain Injury schools award and much much more including raising awareness and funding research into the causes, diagnoses & treatments of Encephalitis/A.B.I;

We hold study days & fund training workshops for families, teachers and health care professionals involved with the ongoing care and rehabilitation of children affected by Acquired brain injury and this life changing illness.

Helping children and their families feel less isolated, different, misunderstood and alone.

The Eden Dora Trust works with the help of their extensive advisory panel and is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to children who suffer from Encephalitis, that anyone can get, at any time.

Our Mission SPEAK:

  • Support – for those affected by Encephalitis to find out about what help is available and how they can access it.
  • Provision – of funding to support further research into the causes, symptoms and potential cures for Encephalitis
  • Education – funding essential training for those people affected by Encephalitis/ABI-children, families, schools & health care professionals. 
  • Knowledge – providing and sharing with other children, families & carers



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