Oily Cart is a theatre company that specialises in creating sensory shows for, with and alongside disabled young people (0-25 years) and their families.

Oily Cart create remarkable, accessible sensory shows that connect with babies, toddlers, disabled children and young people, and their families. Founded over 40 years ago, in the past decades we have pioneered a whole new artform: Sensory Theatre. By pushing theatre beyond words – using not just 5, but all 33 senses – we create tactile wonderlands that meet each child where they’re at. Each sensory experience is a space to be who you are and be together, re-imagining the world as it should – and will – be. We collaborate with disabled and non-disabled artists of all ages, always considering those who experience the most barriers first. At Oily Cart we don’t tell children how they should watch the theatre. We learn from them what theatre should be.



Oily Cart, Smallwood School Annexe, Smallwood Road, London SW17 0TW

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