Cerebra is a charity supporting families with children 16 and under with brain conditions. We currently fund research throughout the country into various aspects such as behaviour, sleep, premature births and legal issues. We have a sleep service where our sleep practitioner can provide sleep workshops and presentations and also do 1:1 work with families and create a personalised sleep plan. Our regional officers are able to provide information and advice on all sorts of different things, such as looking for specialist equipment (e.g. trikes/car seats) to where to look for funding  to help pay for these. I also signpost a lot to relevant organisations/charities and can help with form filling (grants/DLA).

We have a lending library where we loan out books for families (for free) these include books on conditions, sleep, sensory, mindfulness, diet, health and wellbeing etc. We also loan out sensory toys, including a couple of weighted blankets. We have a holiday home families can stay in, and have a grants/wills and trusts voucher scheme (however both of these are full/closed at the minute!) We have a free stress helpline families can call, and we publish various parent guides (including DLA guide, anxiety guide, challenging behaviour factsheet, problem solving toolkit, etc).

Finally we have our cerebra innovation centre. These are a group of designer/engineers who can custom make equipment for families that doesn’t already exist. They have made a surf board which has enabled a little boy to go surfing, a goto seat which meant a little boy with poor posture could sit in a trolley, swings, restaurant seats etc.

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